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Learning will keep our minds active, alert and engaged as we age. This is so important. Also it can be fun and fullfilling and gives us a chance to meet people. We decided to build a list of adult learning and education opportunities that are available.

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Adult Learning Sources

Learning will keep our minds active, alert and engaged as we age. This is so important. Also it can be fun and are a good way to meet people also. We decided to build a list of adult learning opportunities that are available.

Senior Centers - Since this is a senior center site, we must point out that learning opportunities are abundant at Senior Centers. Each Center does differ and is unique to the area in which the Senior Center is located.
There are classes, programs and services at seniors centers that most certainly be of interest to you. Here are just a few but we hope this will give you a general idea of what goes on at a senior center.

Dance classes, computer classes, painting classes, craft classes, culinary classes, retirement seminars, health and wellness classes, ancestry, trips to museums and other interesting places.

Adult Centers - Cater more to active folks age 50+ and are usually part of the city or country Parks & Recreation Dept. Active folks are inquisitive and like to learn..

Adult Education - Many Colleges and Universities offer free or reduced tuition to residents of a certain age. There is a variety of course topics from current events, history and arts to crafts and recreation, fitness, photography, and computers. Some include day trip or traveling such as Road Scholar. Older adults can find these classes stimulating and challenging, yet paced for enjoyment. It is a great way to meet new friends and rediscover that learning can be a lifelong endeavor. I have found it amazing at the number of class topics offered to fit almost any need. Classes are offered at different time of the day and evening to fit your life style. These classes have many different names such as Oasis, 50 plus, Rhodes Scholars and Adult learning. You can go on line or contact the College of your choice for classes and programs offered in your area. .

Active Adult Communities - Del Webb and other 55+ communities have a reputation for their activity centers that includes rooms for clubs, demonstrations, trips and lots more.

Churches and Religious Organizations- Many religious organizations and churches have classes and events for seniors. The Jewish Community Center in St. Louis, Missouri hosts an event each year on Memorial Week End called, The St. Louis Senior Olympics. More than 1,300 athletes 50 and older participate in the 85 events. Participants engage in competitive sports such as bat mitten, running, weight lifting and many others. Some churches have luncheons, special potluck dinners and classes for adults. Then there are book clubs, sing along and many others. What a fun way to be involved.

Personal Travel and Tours- Travel is a learning experience in itself. The Roads Scholar Program is a wonderful way to get involved with touring the world or cultural events near you. Travel agencies offer cruises and adventures for those over 50. Most cities have a senior discount to museums and attractions.

Reading / Libraries- Reading is the best way to learn. Now that you have more time, how about reading history or the classics. Classes are conducted at local libraries. There are many books for reading and audio books too. Reading stimulates the mind and can be very relaxing.

Civic Centers- Some Civic Centers offer classes for adults such as ball room dancing, line dancing, low impact water aerobics and swim classes to list only a few.

Hobbies- Hobbies for seniors improve the zest for living, stimulate the mind, and give an overall satisfaction of accomplishment. There are many hobbies such as gardening, collecting, crafts, and many more.

Volunteers- Many seniors enjoy volunteering at hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and school events. This gives you a new learning experience maybe in a different field from the job you retired from.

This is just a beginning to the resources that are available to adults. Learning not only helps each individual but also enhances our life to touch the lives of others.


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