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Senior Center are called different names: Senior Activity Center, Adult Activity Center, Active Adult Center, Senior Day Center, Senior Community Center and Senior Citizens Center.

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Senior Jobs and Employment

So you’ve retired but your finding that your social security checks don’t quite go as far as they used to. With soaring energy and food prices, living on a fixed income can leave you feeling like your dollar is worth less and less each year. With the job market flooded with plenty of potential candidates for jobs, you may feel like a part time gig might be out of reach. However, there are plenty of jobs that are available to seniors that can be used to supplement your income and keep living the way you’ve become accustomed to.

senior jobs

Part Time Jobs for Seniors

Part time jobs are always plentiful, part time jobs often do not require benefits and are easier to get than a full time job. With free time and no demands for high wages, you can get a great part time job that offers a flexible schedule and some supplemental pay. Grocery stores, museums, post offices, libraries and banks are all great places to look for some nice part time work. These jobs have great hours and are a nice way to get some extra money and interact with your community.

Seniors Use the Internet to Make Money

In addition, there are plenty of ways for seniors to make money online. Perhaps one of the most enjoyable of these is taking online surveys. Your opinion is wanted by many companies and certain online survey companies will compensate you with a cash reward. Make sure to seek out reputable survey companies like Pinecone, Greenfield, Opinion Outpost and Survey Savvy. One of the newest ways to make money online, micro jobs also offer seniors a great way to share their talents with the world at large and have some easy supplemental income. Sites like Fiverr allow you to provide services for clients who are willing to pay you for some quick work. Whether your talent is writing or providing companionship, it may be worthwhile to check out Fiverr.

In order to get a part time job, make sure you are flexible with your schedule, a lot of companies will ask for weekend or night hours. Be sure to attend your interview with a lot of energy and stress the fact that you take pride in your work, something that most teenage applicants do not. Remember, companies are looking for a reliable, honest employee and will jump at the chance to have one on board. To find local jobs near you, try looking in your local newspaper or check out job posting websites like Craigslist, Simply Hired or Monster.

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Also many of the state's Department for the Aging's Senior Employment Services (SES) assists residents 55 years of age and older who are seeking work opportunities.


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