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Six Things I Learned My First Year at Our Senior Center

I have been going to our senior center for about a year now. Here are some observations on what I have experienced.

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1. People look you in the eye and make contact unobstructed with other things on their mind. No cell phones, no office meetings, etc. They are happy to connect with you. They live in the here and now, which is a good idea for anyone to follow.

2. Don't prejudge people at the senior center. The frail looking older person may be more active and more positive and better educated, more experienced, more traveled, and have a better personality than you think. They have a lot to offer, not just to receive.

3. People come to the senior center to have fun. They have fun with the activities and have fun with the other participants. This is way more fun than work.

4. The senior center is a platform to meet new friends. People who have lived all over the country. Who have traveled all over the country during their career. They don't speak much about their previous work life but they will share their life experiences.

5. It has amazed me how much in common I have with people. I have meet two couples who are at their 40th anniversary just like Mary Ann and me. Comparing travel experiences like cruises taken and places travel and favorite places visited is always fun and you see you really do connect.

6. The socialization is always fun. There is always new people to meet and if you can stay active in your visits then you will have plenty of opportunities to connect with people and acquire new friends.

Just like I have heard about living in 55 and Over Communities, it's the people that make the senior centers special. You may not know what a senior center is or does, but put away the stereotypes you may have and become a regular at your senior center. You will enrich your life by doing so.

About the author

Robert Fowler, age 65 participates at the Active Adult Center at Newtown Park in Johns Creek Georgia. He has participated in the walking club, library club, lunch and learn, Bocce Ball, Golden Games, several classes including AARP Driver Safety and Smart 911.


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