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This morning I went to the local grocery store in my area to do my weekly shopping. When I got in line to check out, I found myself behind an elderly lady. The cashier was very pleasant and asked the lady how her day was going. The elderly lady did not respond. Three more times the cashier repeated her question and each time raised her voice. The elderly lady appeared to have difficultly hearing. She replied after the cashier was able to get her attention. A gentleman bagged the ladies groceries and assisted her outside. Everyone showed compassion and patience. This touched my heart.

The cashier looked at me and said with a smile, "I am sorry." I replied, "There is not a need for an apology. That could be or will be each and everyone of us someday." Since there was no one in line behind me, I began to tell the cashier about my visit to the Senior Citizens Center in our area that I had the opportunity to visit last week. I explained that I was grateful as a single senior for places like that and people that were willing to help seniors. The cashier was much younger than me, but took note of what I was saying. She said, "You know, I am a single Mom and when I was married, I lived the good life. Now things are different. I can see myself someday needing to be a part of a Senior Center." I shared with her that as a 62 year old senior how important it is for all of us to know what our communities have to offer us. I was pleased that I was able to pass on information to the cashier about the Senior Center in St. Peters, Missouri. Maybe she will be able to share some of the information with another that is interested.

I will list some of the things that I learned from visiting the Senior Center in St. Peters, Missouri.

Mr. Craig Haw is Chairman of the Support Committee. He graciously showed me around the center. We went across a very large open recreational dining area to the work out room. There several people were exercising on treadmills and stationary bikes. Next door was another room with a large group of people in it. They were participating in the arthritis class that is held every Wednesday and Friday at 10:30a.m. Then Mr. Haw pointed to the craft room where craft classes are conducted on Monday at 9a.m.

I could smell the aroma of food cooking from the kitchen. Mr. Haw gave me a menu for the month where seniors can dine for a very low cost. In addition, the center has a meals on wheels program. The senior service center volunteers serve approximately 120 meals daily to seniors in the community that are in need of their service.

There were seniors in the waiting area that had appointments to get their taxes prepared at no cost. Mr. Haw said that they did approximately 80 tax preparations a day. Their calendar was filled with appointments for this year but Mr. Haw gave me a phone number of another place in St. Peters that still had openings. I found this very helpful. I called and made an appointment for myself.

Terri Fletcher is the Director of the MEAAA Senior Center in St. Peters. She is on site Monday through Friday to speak to anyone. She had stepped out for a short time so I was unable to meet with her on my first visit but I am looking forward to talking with her on my second visit.

The center also has a billiards room. Folks were preparing for a large function for the next day. The center was expecting approximately 150 seniors to show up for the function.

 I was given a calendar for March with the events offered at the Senior Center. There are art classes, bingo, line dancing, music sing along,trivia, zumba, computer classes and many other things. Blood pressure checks are even offered. Now I know where I can get my blood pressure checked close to my apartment.

I am grateful for Senior Centers and the volunteers that run them. You might want to visit a center in your area. There may be services there that you need or maybe you will want to volunteer. One never knows when you might meet someone, as I did this morning, to share your knowledge about the Senior Center that you have visited or take advantage of all senior centers have to offer yourself.

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