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Top 10 Senior Dating Online Tips

Senior dating online is fairly common these days as 50 plus guys and gals are very active and computer savvy. For many though, it can seem a bit overwhelming to get back into the dating scene after being away for awhile. If you’re ready to start dating again read on to find out the top 10 senior dating online tips

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1. Be yourself

Yes it’s true that you can be anyone you want to on the internet, but you shouldn’t feel like you have to put on a front to get someone to like you. As the cliché goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea, and one of them is going to like you for you.

2. Put up a Profile Picture

You wouldn’t show up on a date with a bag over your head so don’t have a profile that does not have a picture. If your profile does not have a picture you will not get much traffic to your site. People want to know what you look like, and that you are serious about dating.

3. Don’t Rush to Meet Up

Spend a little time over email and even the phone before meeting up with someone. You want to make sure the connection is there, and that they are truly interested in you too. Take it slow. After a few email positive email interactions then pursue meeting up.

4. Don’t Discuss Sickness or Disease

Even though sickness and health related issues are a part of many seniors’ lives, it’s best to not talk about it on the first date. You don’t want to be a huge buzz kill talking about your latest flare up or pain. Keep things on a positive note, and focus on getting to know the person across from the table with you.

5. Don’t Date Unless You Feel Ready

Some seniors may not be ready to hit the dating 50 plus dating scene again, and that is okay. You want to make sure you are emotionally ready to invest yourself in a potential relationship.

6. Do not Discuss Deceased Spouses

While it is okay for the topic to come up briefly, do not make it a main point of the conversation. Your date may want to know the reason why you are dating again, and that is okay. Again, just don’t focus too much on your deceased spouse. It can make for an awkward and depressing date. If you find yourself wanting to discuss that too much, you may not be ready to date again.

7. You’re Not Too Old

Many seniors feel they are too old to date. You may be too old to date 25 year olds, but it is completely normal to want companionship with someone close to your age. You wouldn’t catch a 20 year old saying they feel too old dating another 20 year old! You are not too old, and the fact that you want to start dating proves it.

8. Keep your Personal Information Private

Posting a profile picture is fine, but don’t post things like your phone number, address, workplace, or date of birth. You can choose to tell your date that in person if you like.

9. Don’t go Exclusive too Soon

Take your time and date multiple people. There are a lot of great singles out there. Don’t be in a rush to take yourself off the market.

10. Talk about Kids and Grandkids, but not too much

Your date is there to learn about you, not your cuddly grandbabies. Grandparents are often proud of their children and grandchildren, but it can be too much if that’s all the conversation is about.

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