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The Importance of Social Interaction
as You Age


We all understand the importance social interaction plays in developing children but research shows that remaining socially active as you get older is extremely important to your physical and mental health. Many seniors suffer from loneliness due to the fact they are homebound and may not get out of the house as much as they once did.

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A great way to make sure you stay socially active is to get involved with your local senior center. One of the main benefits of a senior center is that people are surrounded by others who have similar interests and can relate easily to one another.

The main benefits of remaining socially active include:

Community – people at any age want to feel part of a community. Senior centers provide the opportunity to feel connected to your peers and be part of a group.

Physical Health – research shows that people who are engaged in more social interaction are typically healthier individuals. Social interaction brings positive feelings that mitigate stress that can be harmful to the body.

Lower rates of Alzheimer’s – seniors who are more socially active have lower rates of Alzheimer’s.

These are just a few of the benefits that show how important it is to remain socially active as you age. If you are looking for ways to meet new people there are plenty of opportunities to get involved at your local senior center.


Volunteering at a senior center is a great way to meet new people while giving back to your community. Senior centers are always looking for volunteers to lead activities and help serve meals.


Senior centers are a hub of activity. Some activities include:

· Card games
· Bible studies
· Group exercise
· Movies
· Arts and crafts
· Book clubs
· Computer literacy
· Volunteering

Activities are a great way for people to bond with each other because they provide a natural social environment that leads to relationship forming and conversation. The activity provides a common interest that promotes feelings of openness and belonging that are critical to productive social interaction.

Congregate Meals

Congregate meals provide a great way to be socially active. Not only do people get a healthy and nutritious lunch they are able to spend time with their peers around the lunch table having great discussion. Nothing brings people together quite like a hot meal. Congregate meal programs help seniors feel part of a community. They look forward to meeting daily with their friends to discuss the day’s news, share stories, and talk about their families.

Home Care

Another great way to be socially active is to volunteer your time by providing home care to seniors who are not able to get out of the house. Home care needs are skyrocketing as more seniors desire to stay home but need help around the house. Your local senior center can provide you with a list of people who you can visit. Anyone can be a home care volunteer and you do not need any special medical training.

Home care typically involves:

· Light house duty – dishes, laundry, cleaning
· Errands – taking the senior to go shopping, doctor’s appointments
· Companionship – many seniors are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves and just want some company
· Personal care – this may involve help bathing, getting dressed, etc

As you can see there are plenty of opportunities for social interaction at your local senior center. It’s important for your physical and mental health and a great way to enrich your life and the lives of those around you.

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